K3la placement

So i want to mount my horns under the bed of my tacoma in the spot of the spare tire and whats the best way to face the horns out the back to keep road grime out or does it even matter?

It’s not going to matter. I have mine mounted to my frame rail pointing down and I’m heard at least a mile and a half away.


got my k5 pointed forward

Point them anyway you want. With a k3 your going to be heard. Roadgrime doesn’t really hurt the horn anyway.

i have mine mixed… some point forward some point backwards… its for spacing issues tho

If i had mine mounted pointing forward, They woukld get messed up quick with the about of snow i go thru and the salt.

there are covers for them…

Yes. You are getting a Nathan, it WILL NOT matter which way they are facing. Also, remember that these horns go through alot worse than you think, years of diesel smoke, rain, dirt, snow…on top of a train. Hornblasters do sell covers for like $45 that are definitely worth buying…that way no worries about debris flying into your diaphragms…