K3la psi rating

How much psi should i push through a K3LA with 1/2" line to get it to sound its loudest without the horn sounding like poop?

I think its actually loudest around 150, it may seem louder with a higher psi but its just because the pitch gets higher.

So my best bet is to run it at 150psi?

117 psi is the best for sound…tuneage wise…

as far as a leslie horn no louder than 113 psi as these horns use alot of air…

dont go over 150.

will 150 damage the horn

no i run 220 max threw a 3/8 line im upgrading to 1/2 soon it shouldnt damage them mine arent damaged. They still sound fine too.so loud

im going to run 150 max so i can get loudness and pretty good sound from it

truei love the sound of mine but i have an older k3la not the newer poopy ones. 150 will be completely safe though

whats the differance between the older ones and the newer ones

I use 145 max and they are louder at 125. mine are brand new and they sound great.
most people get a train horn because they like the way they sound ON A TRAIN! so why run them at 200 when a train uses 120-130. I blasted mine at 175 and they sounde like they were about to fall apart.

the difference between the OLDER AND NEWER nathan series is that. on the older ones they just use a cork gasket and the newer ones have the actual O RING on the bottom of the bells…plus there is SAND CAST AND DIE-CAST BELLS…