k3la upgrade??

I just got a k3la from ebay, opend it all up cleaned it put all back together . i hit it with 150 psi and its nice and lound. deep loud, any word on what will happen if i drill out the air way bigger on each horn?? want to know if it will get louder or sound deeper?? i have a 1/2 in selenoid , with 1/2 air line comeing from a 5 gallon tank to selenoid to horns 12volt unit.

if anything it will get higher pitched… also depends on how big you drill them

I don’t think I would do it with a 5 gallon tank. I believe that it would consume much more air.

Definitely won’t make it sound any better… and it will use more air… not to mention it will lower the value of the horn…

by the way, this has been discussed MANY times. Search is your friend…

This was 7 posts under yours in this same section…


please use the search, this topic has been debated FOREVER

guess i forgot to stroll through the site more ok all good guys great site thanks! ill leave them as they are. this set stays on my dakota truck, ill place another air tank on the left side of the truck. and run a set of shockers . i have two sets of shockers on my durango already. later on.

Hell of a set up!

yea i heard drilling them is dangerous too