K3LA vs K3HA

Ok which one is louder???

i think they are just different tones.

http://atsf.railfan.net/airhorns/k3la.html here ya go this will explain it

…but in case you don’t feel like reading on that site, there is no difference in tone. The only difference is the K3HA has a high manifold (an extended neck making it sit up higher) and the K3LA is a low mount manifold.

x2^ no difference in the bells or tone or loudness. its just a different manifold.

or that lol

ohh thanks guys i will get a k3ha soon!

Only louder if you drill out the air passages. I dont endorse that blah, blah, blah.

Clicky pics.



niceee i will run my k3ha with 1/2 air line and valve at 150 psi so is gonna be loud right?

You know how teachers always say there is no such thing as a stupid question… I rest my case :smiley:

You have no idea. No matter how much your ready to push that button, nothing prepares you for the first time blowing your horns.

ahahah nice… well one last question where can i buy those covers to put in the horns to protect them???

its in another thread it was posted by hondaguy ill look for it. occasionally come up on ebay but its usually like 20 or 30 bonnets

hahaha i heard that sh!t. man you cant watch enough youtube vids or listen to clips to prepare yourself. im not big on scaring unknowing people. im big on telling people to listen to my horn saying, “are you ready?” hooooonk! and still watching them duck for cover and recoil their limbs. Try doing that with fake trainhorns

If they are close enough. lol

how much bro???

pm sent to lah and tri up for grabs between the 2 of ya.

is it on ebay yet…

Nope. will pm you later. Lah said he may get them.

4 sho…