K3LA Wanted

I looking for a k3la, I have the following and am willing to trade-

  • pack of napkins
  • can of vegetables (you choose the vegetable)
  • robin hood: men in tights dvd
  • half used glade candle - fresh linen scent
  • bottle of lemon-lime gatorade (unopened!)
  • 19 ziploc sandwich bags
  • pack of tube socks
  • box of 63 crayons (missing cadet blue)
  • bag of pogs
  • “chicken soup for the horse lover’s soul II” book
  • black belt (not a karate belt)
  • 60 watt light bulb
  • home-made play dough
  • button with a picture of a chicken saying “where’s the beef?”
  • button with a picture of a cow saying “where’s the chicken?”
  • bag of ranch corn nuts

if you are interested in trading your k3la for any of the previously listed items please let me know.

man…what a steal!

hahahahahahahaha thats great lol

BAN this fool!!
lmao!! ur crazy version!

Hey that 60 watt light bulb might be worth more than a K3 some day since they are going to quit making them and make us use those poopy flourescent bulbs. I don’t know about you guys but I hate flourescent light lol.

So when incandescent bulbs are rare and valuable, I’ll trade you my k3 for that bulb haha

  • half used glade candle - fresh linen scent…


the trade sounds pretty good…espically for some TUBE SOCKS…and RACNH CORN NUTS which they dont sell in korea

I am selling a K3 but im not to sure if i could do that to you man. honestly look at that list of things you’re willing to trade. I just dont want to rip you off. but if you know anyone else that is interested in buying a K3 send them my way with a offer haha money offer please.

how much you looking at woody???

not to sure just waiting to see what kind of offers i get for it. a guy that lives by me with the S4 said he would give me $625 but i dont really like him haha so i told him ill think about it

lol good luck with the sale

625 for a k3la is a deal…

…if it’s new maybe


i’ve only had it for a little under 3 months.

U wanted how much again for that k3la.

I have a brand new K3LA for sale; hints its new for the “Airchime” is engraved in the 1 Bell, I have it ready to purchase if your interested. Give me a shout at slybrdsngjr@live.com

if anyone wants one…i have a painted K3H for 550…and a bare metal K3LA for 500