k3's and a 2 1/2 gal?

Anyone ever push a K3 with this size tank? I know a 5 gallon is usually the minimum for this setup, but if ur totally pushed for space would a 1 or 2 second burst at 150psi sound good?


I never tried 1 gallon on a K3, but I did have 1 gallon on the shockers before I upgraded to 4 gallons.

It’s hard to say man. You might get literally a 1 second honk. It could even be less… I’m not even quite sure if all the bells will sound fully. If you’re ok with that, then go do it, but honestly you might be frustrated by the honk time. I’ll tell you that I have 2 2 gallon tanks (currently selling them) and it seems to go rather quickly if I lay on the horn. I can get a half or a whole second blast at full volume though. It wasn’t enough, so I’m upgrading to 8.5 gallons.

I don’t want you to be disappointed man. It might be more of a headache than what it’s worth.

Have you considered trying to hook up a K3 to a C02 tank or a scuba tank bottle? It might save you some room.

my k3 at 150psi in a 5 gal tank lasts almost 2 solid seconds before the compressors kick on soooooo hummmmmmmm

^^^ There you go IronEagle

5 gallons gets you 2 seconds @ 150.

Half the volume = half the time. It’ll go a little longer but will fade fast.

2 seconds? No, thats not true… 5 gallons is at least 3-5 seconds.

Before the compressor kicks on or before it starts to fade?

Starts to fade.

Yeah, she said 2 seconds til compressors kick on.
But Ironeagle could get a decent honk with one of your 2 gallon tanks, right? LOL

Yep, that’s what I’m currently running :D.

I need to sell them asap, but no one wants them… fittings and all :/.