K3's and conductors special

I’m wondering how well this set up will work. Basicly I would be adding K3’s to my set now. (400C Valair and 5 gallon tank) I typically just do 3-6 second blasts.

ah i think it would work, k3s r a good horn take some air but not as much as a k5la… stilla good choice… just get it… and try… i think you will find yourself wanting to blast more… if so… no biggie… buy a bigger tank or a 2nd tank and a 2nd compressor and you will be good to go…

I had a K3HA and HB4H set on my old van with a 5 Gal tank and ViAir 450c

Worked fine, but didn’t have much blast time wen using all at once :o

Here are some vids on what to expect:




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hey 98. what kind of camera do u have. The sound is perfect to the real sound of the horn… my olympus 8.0 is terrible for sound quality. sounds more like a loud truck horn than a train horn

snakeeater98 was an orginal blaster back in the day and know…i give my props to you…

Umm, for the older vids, I used a Sony TRV-39 and the ones that are more current (say up to 3 years back) a Sony HC-90 :cool:

Thanx mang :cool:

I’d love to see how the new Nikon D90 does with video. 2 cameras in 1, nice.

Oh YES!!! I WANT THAT CAMERA SOOOOOOOOOOO BAD!!! (sorry to whore up the thread)

how much is that camera??
and what camera is it that Aston Kutcher is doin comercials for? that camera seemed pretty nice…

$1,538 to $2,149

It is the D90 he’s advertizing.

hmm may have to pick one up

The sound of your K3HA is awesome. I just installed my new S4 with 5gal, I was also thinking about buying the K3LA but now that I heard your K3HA, it will be K3HA.