K3's marking

What does U P R R stand for?
thanks ive searched with no success

It stands for Union Pacific Railroad… :slight_smile:

go figure… i was trying to figure out what it meant haha… had the railroad part right… lol lol

does it seem like its cracked? or am i just paranoid?

haha are you talking about the mark right in front of the U? No it dosent look cracked. Is that a pic of the manifold or one of the horns?

Union Pacific Rail Road?



haha Curt… Soaper it usually takes alot to crack a nathan bell. Remember these horns take alot of abuse on trains getting hit by tree branches and stuff and they are fine.

haha thanks curt! :slight_smile:
watch it mr otherwise i wont buy your relocation kit for the k3… lol lol jk

whats the going price of the manifold then? maybe sell that and get some extra cash to pay for other stuff.