K3's on a 50cc Moped!

Ok, so I can’t remember or find if I have posted this up before, so here we go.
I have had someone contact me over here about fitting Train Horns on a Moped, so I sold him a few bits and pieces, however I thought he was insane when he mentioned he was fitting K3’s:D:cool:

He sent me a few pictures and I am still waiting for the video.

That’s amazing!

I hope he wears hearing protection inside the helmet…

He is bonkers!:smiley:

I think he will have ear plugs in! However, I question wether it will actually work as one of the bells is facing the inside of the box and will hinder the sound. I once had a sleeping bag roll a few milimetres from the end of my K3’s when I had them, and that stopped them from working altogether somehow? I just heard air rushing out of them?

Nuts! Good job though :slight_smile:

craziness! I wonder how loud it is…

Hey E2E, I have no idea mate, I have asked him a couple of times now for a video of it. I also told him he would probably need to drill some big holes for that third Bell which you can See lying across the top box, I kinda figured it would not work so well?:confused: