K5: Smallest tank for quick short blasts

Im fully aware that a big tank is needed for long blasts, but all I ever do is quick honks >1sec.

Currently I have a Shocker 540 system in the garage that I had in my last vehicle. The 5 gal tank is just too big to fit in my new car.

So, basically what I want to know is will a half gallon tank work with a K5? I know it sounds crazy but I just need it for quick single blasts.

Does anyone have any idea how the K5LA would perform with a small tank?

Obviously, I know I wouldnt be able to do long honks, but I just want to be able to get the initial sound correctly if that makes any sense…

BUMP! Anyone?

It might not work. The K3 and K5 eat 90 CFM and a half gallon just won’t do it.

You might want to try the Conductor’s Special instead.


3 gallon minimum for any K series

What kind of car?

You have plenty of options for tanks and can even daisy chain multiple tanks if necessary

My Friend, You are ONLY Limited to your imagination. :slight_smile: ^^^ Siding with 98 Snake Eater. What kind of vehicle are you installing them on? Might be able to give you some Ideas. :smiley: