K5 vs. K3 vs. P3 vs. Leslie

I want to get a “real” train horn for my truck. What is the best bang for the buck and better all around horn out there. Thanks!:confused:

There are a few reasons for each …

P3 because it’s an older horn, eaiser on air, and has a unique sound.

K3 because at 156db it will shake someone’s soul out of their body.

K5 for a deeper/more mellow sounding K3, 154db, and still gets your attention.

Leslie because they are huge, have great sound, and are also unique sounding.

Your best bet would be to get on Youtube and check out these guys’ channels:




Keep your eye out for a good deal because people are trying to sell theirs with the economy being so bad.

I’d go on eBay and look up “nathan horn” and “leslie horn” to find good deals. I’ll tell you right now, based on experience, a Leslie will put out a far more powerful blast than a Nathan will. They will shake your entire body! However, they do require more maintenance and are generally more bulky. It’s all up to you though. My personal favorite horn is the Leslie RS3L.