K5LA and P5 install with 25gal @200psi

Ok gents thought I’d dona new install thread as it’s dead here. More comments or questions asked more I’ll write up.

I had the k5la on my hilux 2-3 years ago so this is rework and ramp it up.

Let me start with the basics
2000 Mazda bravo (ford ranger for you yanks)
K5la @ 200psi on a electric valve feed from 1” lines
P5 at 120psi feed from a gw clone manual vale 1/2” ptc lines.
Reg is a high flow one
Dual 444c compressors
Thumper dual head 4x4 compressor (built in pressure switch set at 125psi)

Gauge wise I will have the air zenith 220psi digital gauge. I used to have a glow shift gauge which was great but time to step it up.

So I’ll have 3 compressors 0-125psi then just the viair’s 125-200psi.

Main tank in 4’ tool box is a 5 gal this will hold compressors as well

2 x10 gal air tanks will run under tray behind rear wheels. There are Aeroflow portable tanks. You can get these style portable tanks anywhere. They are rated for 125psi but I will hydrostaticly test them to 250psi I will buy more info upmon this as I do it.

These tanks once original fittings are gone are single 1/2” npt tanks. Which will feed up to the main tank.

Horns will be mounted on the trays main channel. Point down 1 set on each side.

In cab I’ll use carling style switches as well as extra switch on the wiper stalk.

Now I’m waiting on a heap of crud from the USA

My install will be full of not ideal solutions but be dam effective