K5LA help!!

I might be getting my hands on a set of Nathan K5LA’s. I currently run the conductors series. I thought about leaving them in place, but now that I am looking, I need the room. What upgrades do I need to buy to make my K5LA’s work good? I have the 3 gallon tank with the 110/150 psi switch. I saw on hornblasters site that the 110/150 psi switch comes with the K5LA’s, dont they need the 160/200 psi switch? Would I need to upgrade my current airline to 1/2"? Any help is greatly appreciated.

all about loud. 1/2 inch air line you will need to run a pony tank, another tank 3 gallons are not much, and an upgraded compressor and 165/200

Sounds good, sould I just buy a bigger tank so that I only have one? Also, why does the K5LA kist come with a 110/150 psi switch?

the k5la kit comes with the 110/150 psi switch because that is what the compressor that are in the kit can handle…
u can run 150 psi to them and still blasted that shit loud as hell… its all about personal choice weather to run 150 or 200psi…

so what u need is, 1/2in air line, 1/2 in valve… ur gonna need more air, so either another tank or just 1 big tank… and if u get 1 big tank i recommend getting another compressor, so just run dual compressors… and its really up to u if u want to run 150 or 200psi. just make sure u have compressors that can run 200psi, like the 480s if u choose to do that

Sounds good, thanks for the help. Have you heard the difference in sound of a K5LA with 150 psi vs 200 psi? Is it much of a difference?

listen if you want a k5la…which is the god of all horns… dont be cheep on the set up… getankank you a nice size tank… and get 1 compressor per every 5 gallon tank… if you have 5 gal run 1 comp… if u have 10 run 2… ext… 200 sounds better thats what i run mine at… they give a nice fast loud burst when u just give the button a little push…

i love it… haha

heres the thing… if u have 200psi setup… u can blast the horns at any psi all the way up to 200psi…so if u wanna hear it at 150 psi, u turn the compressors on until they reach 150psi and u cut them off…

but the difference between 200psi and 150 is @200psi the sound and tone of the horns become a little higher pitch…but they are LOUD as fuck… and at 150psi it will sound more like a real horn on the tracks…but their still LOUD…

Scaredu is right. With a higher air pressure comes a worse sound. 130 plus or minus a little is usual for these horns on a locomotive as that is the main reservoir pressure.
And why is the k5 the king of all horns? I’m more of a Leslie guy myself, I love a S5T!

136 psi best sounding

ya i think anything above 150 for my k5’s sounds like poop.and i still get headaches from sitting in the cab hittin them

What’s the easiest way to keep my tank pressure at the current 165-200 psi but only run 140 psi to the horns? Is there some kind of regulator that I can put on the line coming from the tank so that I can decrease the pressure going to the horns?

uh huh a regulator… just mahe ure u get one that has the most air flow and same size inputs as your valve

i need to look for one also any particular links ?