K5LA horn direction

Has anyone played around with turning certain horns backwards on this set up? I was wondering if it were best to have them all facing forward?

Thanks in advance

I would guess it would be dependent on how much room you have to play with. believe me it’s gonna be loud no matter what direction they are pointed!:smiley:

On a train it matters, on a truck it doesn’t. You can hear the difference when a train is honking coming towards you from when it is past you honking (if one or more is reversed). You save a ton of room by facing them the same direction and I highly doubt you would notice ANY sound difference but then again, you might have good ears lol

keep them facing forward… the horns r loud enough put them in your cab u will still be heard :slight_smile:

Hondaguys’ post above is EXACTLY right.

LOL…I will leave them forward, I got plenty of room in me spare tire well underneath the bed of my truck though. Thanks for the replies. I cannot wait to hear them.

I want to make a set of k5las my doorbell… HAHA that would be awesome…

i’ve already had plans to use my old grover horn as a door bell wouldnt take much