K5LA Install on 2013 Dodge Charger SRT8

I had already posted the build on a Charger forum, but here is where Im at in the process at the moment.

I wish I wouldve taken more pics along the way explaining the process, but I only have a few days left of vacation. Theres a lot going on in the pics but I will summarize the process. Each horn had to be test fitted, create a bracket from scratch, then finally install the horn and hope it fits how you planned. The 1/4" aluminum brackets have double duty and act as mounting brackets, but they also allow the 1/4" NPT air fittings to be tapped and installed, creating a perfect seal with the horns o-rings. Some of the horns I used L-brackets, this was so I could easily adjust the height for fitting purposes. Others, I simply used flat 1/4" aluminum.

I used all 3/8" hardware. Every horn is rock solid and you can practically stand on them. The 5 port air manifold is below the top center horn. I used 5 equal length pieces of 3/8" DOT air line to connect each individual horn to the manifold. This will ensure each horns sounds at the same time, the downside is I had to wrap excess air line around the horns that were close to the manifold. The headlight horns, I simply ran air lines through the bumper channels to keep it clean.

God, I hope my kid doesn’t see this on the Charger forum. He’s got a '13 Hemi and we just replaced his stock horns since they failed.

Looks great though … how does it sound?


Don’t know yet. Still need to install tank and wiring :frowning:

My original plan was to put the 3, 4, and 5 bell all pointed forward from behind the grill, with the 3 on top and 4 & 5 on the bottom. Turns out, the #3 was simply too long. Only about an 1/8" too long :frowning: