k5la install silverado (pics)

Got the install done last week, and havent stopped honking since!! :smiley:

(Temprary until i get a tool box)

nice truck, no water trap?

nice ride men and nice set up so how does the horns sound?

water trap?? lol

they are sick man! sick loud! working on some scare videos when im off. i will post them when i get enough. i went to the mall last weekend and scoped the bottom of the parking garage since i cant fit any higher, and there were three guys walking with their pants dragging the ground acting and looking “hard” needless to say after i dumped 200 psi out of my k5s they picked their pants up and ran, they werent so “hard” after all. pretty much ruined their game with the ladies they were trying to impress with their waddle walk! :cool:

hahaha yeah i can imagine those “hard” guys running lol i want to get a k3 soon when i get my maxima

LOl nice man…i love doin it in parking lots… but i dont fit in them either

Nice install should build a cover for the compressor to keep it outta the rain

nice truck man…

have you crushed any Prius’ ?

niceeeeeee i like the truck!

nice… i think im gonna lift mine since the duramax im gettin is lifted…what kinda lift u got… i think im gonna go with procomp.

Im thinking after this semester of college in going to run like 3 compressors and maybe a 19 gal or something and try to find another cheap set of k5s to mount up like urs johnny. im in the process of fabbing up a braket to protect my compressor out of sheet metal and use the existing holes in the bed. but my truck has a 6 inch procomp suspension lift 3 inch bl 2 1/2 inch t-keys and the t bars are cranked up. procomp makes a real good 6’ lift and the mx6 shocks kick donkey. only complaint i have is the crossmembers are a little weak.

thanks man. and i checked out ur caddy. i like it man that exhaust sounds real good

Bad donkey truck! Strip the Z71 decal and the body side moldings and it will look sweet. I did mine and it does look smoother. Your beyond “Z71” Again, Nice Truck…

thanks man. and i like the z71 decal lets everyone know its actually 4wd lol. although i was thinking abt getting a different z71 sticker maybe rebel flag or something. and as far as the moldings go i like them there too bc it protects from dings. lol. this summer when im out of school im going to put the cognito 10-12’ lift on and run 40’s after i regear. but if my truck was a show truck i would agree that stripping it would look good. put up some pics of urs bc i cant really see it.