K5LA manifold please help? :(

Hi all, anybody got a k5la manifold?

Welcome to the forum. If Hornblasters doesn’t have it then I think somebody here will.

Good to see you on here Jay ;):smiley:

Do you still need one?

Do you have one? I will txt Jay later today, to see if he is still on the look out for one. Would you ship to the UK if you have one? Also I’m after some k3 remote manifolds if anyone has any?

I am mounting my K5LA horns separately, so My manifold will be available. It is already Powder coated Gloss Blue.


Does anyone have a K5 manifold that’s unpainted or painted? Please message me with your price. Thank you

Pm Marioc289 or Malodave

They had one for sale I think:D

I do have one and will ship wherever needed on your dime.

Let me know what you want for your manifold?

Make me an offer!