K5LA manifold question

Just bought a K5LA. Love it, been my dream horn since I was 16. Always had the old shocker 228vx kit from HB.
So, I have 3/8" air line to 1/4" fittings. Horns are restricted. What size is the fitting on the K5 manifold? I’m going to 1/2" airline. I’d like to keep everything at 1/2" from tank to valve to horn. But not sure what size the hole is for air fitting on manifold. And don’t want to drill into a $1000 horn if it’ll ruin it! I have an 8g tank, dual 480c compressors, 165/200 switch. Airflow is so slow I can blow these for a good 15-18 seconds

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Congratulations on going to the K5. They are a sweet horn. The Fitting in the base is 1/2"

Congrats on the upgrade! :smiley: ^^^^^ DBO said. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! I’m excited. Started taking it apart for winter cleaning. Got a new shallow tool box on my truck so I can mount the horn in the bed so it’s out of elements. Very excited for spring time. I’ll keep updates coming. And questions coming haha.

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The Nathans are the best! These will get you a lot of attention and people will quickly know you have them… My advice is you better strap and lock those babies down! Easy seen = easy gone.