K5LA newbie

Greetings from Germany!!

Just picked up a set of refurbished K5LA’s and just wanted to know if peeps run thread seal tape on the bolts. Also, did you torque them down to a certain ft/lb? Wouldnt want to smash the o-rings!

Should these horns already be pre-tuned or will i have to mess with that? Thanks in advance and im excited to be part of this community.

Welcome. Hopefully the other guys can help you with the horns. I don’t recommend teflon tape but some say it’s ok. I recommend a good Teflon based pipe dope, like Loctite.

Welcome to the forums.

Are you talking about the bolts for mounting the bells to the manifold? You don’t need any sealant on them. Just use lock washers or nylocs. Since you’re from Germany, just make the bolts guten-tight… haha Seriously though, don’t crank on them, but snug them up pretty good. You don’t want to crack the aluminum casting. The o-ring is meant to be squished.

They’re probably not tuned. But unless something is way off or you’re a fanatic, they’re probably ok.

What are you installing them in/on?

Sorry just updated my sig…Its goin on my 08 megacab. compressor/tank in my toolbox and horns under the truck. on frame but if they dont fit then i will have to take off the spare tire.

holy cow nice truck i didnt realize they had those in germany…lol

Thanks…i brought it from the states.

Another Cummins owner … nice truck bro!