K5LA on my 94' sierra

My hitch was pretty rotted out so im getting a new one made, so for now the horns are kind of visible but once thats back on you cant see them.

my 12 gallon tank and another 444c compressor comes tomorrow so more blow time, 5 gallons goes fast.


Here is the first blow of it :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s awesome dude - you didn’t waste any time.
Sounds good.

Sa’weet! Looks like somebody was up late posting video too! Ha. Now u gonna need to get used to longer blasts! I know when I first got mine installed I was actually a bit scared to blow it around people because I wasn’t sure how people would react. Needless to say I’m getting used to it now!

And I see you decided on mounting them pointing to the back. What’s your thoughts on mounting that way? Accomplish what u wanted?

haha no i didnt lol

they are forward, the shot it from the back. I just decided to have them all forward. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds great! That is a perfect spot for them…

Are u planning on putting bolts in the left mount to square it up under there?

lol definately, that was just a test pic to see how low they would hang and drill other holes.

I got all bolts on with thread lock on them. This thing aint moving haha


I will be makin a new thread tongiht with the 12 gallon tank install and 2 444c compressors. So far just finishing up the wiring and making it look nice.