k5la or k5lla wanted

i have a k3la and broken k1 bell to trade for. Someone please be interested lol or make me a counter offer or something. Thanks

Have photos of where the “1L” is broken?

yes ill take some and post them up

AIM: slybrdsngjr (referring to 1L bell) waiting for your arrival.

It’s not a 1L bell. It’s just a normal K#1 bell (or that’s what the post says up there…)

Yeah…I noticed that too… I got plenty of those…haha, trade a K3 horn and a 1 bell, so where’s the 5th bell to make it convince to give him one?! anything else in the trade as well?!

What else would you want?

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Damn… that bell is trashed…

Wow, it is. Looks like the bell is about to separate from the chamber too.

Goodness, do you have another K3, two K3’s for a K5LLA?

i might be able to get one or a leslie 3 bell not sure the name. i have to see this weekend.

Just let me know whats up i’ll be here.