K5LA powdercoated horn pics

Picked up some Nathan Airchime K5LA’s. Beginning my install today, here is a pic of my horns, before and after powdercoating. They will be going in a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. Wish me luck.



Im not sure if thats a K5LA. From the limited knowledge I have, and based upon the tag I see on the 1 bell, I believe thats a Canadian tuned K5L or in other words a Holden. Its a shame the tag was painted over because the serial number could reveal some cool history of the horn.

Are there any “A” stampings on the 3 and 4 bells?

I am led to believe they are K5L as well, cause there are no A markings on the bells, they are listed as just 1,2,3,4,5. Not 3A or 4A. They are definitely Nathan Airchime, as that is what is stamped on the bells.

Here is a pic of the final install. Sorry it wasn’t that great, I didn’t manage to capture all 5 bells, you can only see 4 of the 5 installed.

I will manage to get some better pics next week, it’s raining here all week.

Nice work. Kind of a shame that nice powder coat is only visible from an ants’ perspective :wink:
Did you make those manifolds or buy them? Also make sure the 1 bell doesn’t sound wrong by being crammed up against the exhaust like that… could be worthwhile spinning it around.

wow that is a k5l the #4 is not stamped with an A it is the older casting without raised letters

^^^ what he said - spin that bell away from the exhaust:D

Nice install!

^^^^^^ what they said aswell :rolleyes:

Nice install an colour choice too :cool: