K5LA tunnel comparison

Here is video of yesterday and today after the mods that Bixby1980 and I made. Bear with me on the second video, I was waiting for my tank to fill and for the cattle to clear out of the fields…lol…(they were getting their grain, and they taste better when they get grained)…lol…

Original setup: First horn was Bixby1980’s Conductor Set


After todays changes:


Here is a clip of under an overpass:


I would like to scare some fainting sheep… LOL i think blasting the k5la at some fainting sheep and watchin them all just faint would be funniest thing ever…

that would be fainting goats

fainting goats, fainting sheeps, whatever… the sobs still faint! lol


i will look in to it i think a place out side of town has them for kids and stuff at a petting zoo
if i see them i will buy a cam like on my way lol

that would be awesome…i might have to drive to maryland or pa to find me some