K5LA Update install

Well, Bixby1980 and I finished my install. Here are some pics.

nice…again…for whateveridth time u posted about ur install pics…lol

Well this was the final install…lol… It is finalized now. Before was a teaser of this part and that part, now it all cometh togethereth…lol…


oh lawd!
I can just imagine the smile on your face when you got to blast it for the first time.

I was a bit suprised, it does not seem too loud in the cab of my truck. It almost seems like the Conductors set that I sold were louder as far as bass tone goes. The K5LA definately carries farther. I thought it should be louder than they are actually.

stand behind ur car and let someone else honk it… haha

what size valve are you useing

what size valve are you useing

1/2" solenoid valve and 3/4" goodyear air hose. All my fittings are 1/2" male to 3/4" barbed hose clamp fitting for smooth transition.

whats the inner circumference of the hose?

and also whats the flow rate on that smc valve

The hose has an inside diameter of 3/4". I dont know the flow rate on the solenoid, but it is a big, heavy one, the ports are 1/2 npt.

you might want to check to see if you have any trash in your manifold stopping up flow to the horns