K5LA vs kahlenberg T-3A

Hey all. I am looking at getting a new setup for my vehicle. Ive had hornblasters shockers for the past 6 years. I am looking for something louder and better.

I was looking at the nathan k5la. But I also LOVE the sound of the kahlenberg T-3A’s

I LOVE the sound of the kahlenberg T-3A in this video…

Start it at 16 seconds in to hear the sound of the T3


My question is, is this feasible to install under a 2018 chevy silverado without taking out the spare tire. What pressure does this horn run best at. And is 5 gal tank worth anything for this horn? My shockers had a 15 second blast time. What will my blast time be for the T-3s

Are these t-3 easy to get? I see the K5la all over ebay.

The T-3 is a ship horn. It needs 52 CFM @ 100 PSI minimum. Oh, and it’s huge so your only option to mount it is up high like in the video.

My K3LA was squeezed into a spot near my fuel tank and frame rail, and points down. I don’t see how you could get that much brass under any light duty truck.


Thanks for the reply. I know its a ship horn. I just LOVE the sound of it. It doesn’t look MUCH bigger then like a k5la. But I dont know the dimensions.

What compressor would push 52 CFM @ 100 PSI… is this set up possible at all for a vehicle? Other then making everything on the roof or in the bed of the truck?

How much blast would i have on a 5 gal tank?


A compressor without a tank pushing 52 CFM @ 100 PSI would be industrial use.

I’d recommend an Oasis or Extreme Outback’s engine driven compressor, and at least a 10 gallon tank. Tank pressure could be as high as 175 PSI (rated, of course) and then just get a pressure regulator to bring it down to 80 - 100 PSI.

You’d get a incredibly long honk time (10 gallons @ 175 PSI = 22 gallons @ 90 PSI) and wouldn’t damage the horn.


Would it be possible, just to fill a 5 gal tank with just a normal vivar 444 compressor or something similar? I’m not looking at mega long blast times. My blasts are normally shorter then 3-5 secs anyway.

You could, but I can guarantee you that once you hit the button you’re going to want more air :slight_smile:


The Kahlenberg Chimetone horns have a very sweet sound. I love my D-1 horns.

On mine (smaller) I get lots of toots before the compressor kicks back on. Mine has a 15 gallon tank, plus another gallon with the 1" plumbing through the boat.

So they want like 3400 for the K-3. So I am looking at the D-2. That sound is still nice, but still doesnt beat the K-3… Is there anyway to tune the D-2 to sound like the k-3?

Also, which is louder? The K5LA or D-2


So, if I went with the D2’s… which are more in the price range. would a 8-10 gal tank be good enough for these horns?

Should be plenty once you regulate it down to 90 PSI.


Do you lose much when you regulate it down to 90 PSI, Kris?

For those horns, no.

That’s their preferred operating pressure otherwise you risk damaging the internals just like you would with blasting a K3 or K5 at 200 psi when it should be more like 120-150.

If you check out some of the videos from Big Mike Socal on Youtube (this one is a good example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjyUfV3W5zk) he plays with the pressure and you can hear the difference.