k5la with graham white valve

I have a nathan k5la 123a4aand 5 bells new bolts and diaphrams and a gw valve for sale for 700 all work great

Valve seperate?

no the valve is with it for 700 ill do 600 just the horns 550 if you can pick them up

would you sell the valve seperate is what i meant. lol

oh lol yes

Lol how much?

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100 bucks if picked up like 80

i found out what gw valve is… don’t need that, just looking for pic of the horns

alright whats your email ill send you some pics


Figures…a deal like that always comes up after the tax money is gone…

lol i just sent you the pics tax money huh i have multiple sets maybe we can work somthing out

Back to living paycheck to paycheck…doubt I could do much…would love to have a K5LA though…they are my alltime favorite horn!

If it weren’t for the wife I would have bought a set…but I barely talkeded her into letting buy what I got… :wink:

oh yea i know all about that lol

i am interested in the horns. may i have some pics please?

yes im sending them now

I sent you an email. Let me know please. Mike

yea i just wrote you back

Horns sold!!!