K5LA with VIAIR 380

Hi…I am new to this forum and the world of train horns, so I have a few questions. I bought a set of Nathans K5’s and have been restoring them for the last week or so, though they were in good shape “relatively speaking” I dismantled them for inspection, cleaning, and a re-paint. I sand blasted them then sprayed primer (DuPont Corlar “gray”) then sprayed the color (DuPont Imron low gloss black). They do need one diaphragm in the shortest of the five bells, and I ordered that from Curt S. I will be showing my progress as I mount everything that is needed to make them work. I started making the brackets to mount my 5gal tank today. My one question that really bugs me, is what do you guys think about running this setup with one 380c, 1/2" line, 5gal tank. I am wanting to just use this for short bursts (one second) or just very short blips, do you think the one 380c is enough? Also I have a 110 to 145 press. switch. I would to hear any and all your opinions.

I will be mounting them under a 2000 F350 PU

Welcome! For small short bursts, your are correct. I currently run that same setup on the shockers and they last awhile.

1 380 will handle it fine. It will just take a few minutes to build the pressure back up. Really 400c would be better as you wont have to listen to it run nearly as long as the 380 will. Figure about 1 3 second blast will kick the compressor on every time.

Horns are addicting to use. Good thing is that its easy and cheap to upgrade to another compressor. H.B. always has good deals on refurbished ones.

Run your current setup for a few weeks then decide what or if you want to upgrade to.

I sent you an email, soon as it clears I will be able to ship everything. Since its coming priority you’ll have it all for the weekend.

Thanks Brizzal and Curt…I was hoping that you guys would think that 380 would be fine, like Curt says, if I don’t like how long the compressor runs, I can always add another one. Made the mount to hang the K5’s from the spare tire location today, then painted it with POR-15.

I run a K3LA with 7 gallons, and I would not go with any less tank volume. I would like to have more, but 7 gallons, this compressor, and a 110/145 switch seams to be a pretty good match.

POR-15 is the shizzz.
The horns look good.
Post a pic or two when they’re mounted…

Thanks… Afrog and Ear2Ear. Yeah I think Por-15 is some of the best stuff out there, use it a lot. Here is some pics of the bracket to hang the K5’s. These are being mounted on a 2000 Ford F350 PU four door short box.

A few more

Looking good!

Yep, looks great.
I take it you’re not using the port in the middle of the mounting flange?

I will be using the 3/4" port on the front of the manifold and will be using 3/4" DOT air line and 3/4"valve to the 5 gal. tank.

Just so you know when buying fittings… It measures 3/4". It’s designation is 1/2" NPT.

Yeah port on the front of the manifold is 1/2 npt.

Thanks ear2ear and Curt S. for the proper terminology…(never did really understand the sizing of fittings).

Finished the installation of my K5"s this evening, and these things are LOUD, I am VERY impressed!!!
In the last pic shows the horn button and a compressor switch (red led) the other switch (green led) is for some off road lights. The compressor switch is for “if” I ever want to turn the compressor off with the ignition still on, with the ignition off the switch also has no power.

Thanks Curt S. for the parts and fast -return.

A few more. The tank is located on the frame rail underneath the pass. rear door

That rocks!

Looks great. Nice & clean.
It’s safe to say that tank isn’t going anywhere…lol

Make sure your leader hose doesn’t get too hot since you taped wires to it.
Glad you’re liking your new horns.

Thanks for bringing that up, I did not realize the leader hose might get that hot, I will be checking that out…Thanks

I feel you, but your compressor is dope!! I wish I had one.

Man your setup looks great man. WOW. Very clean.
I run two 380’s and they fill my 5gal tank quick. from 165-200 is about 60 secs. and I can blast the psycho-blasters straight from the compressors with an empty tank.