I’m looking for some K5’s, think it’s possible to find a pair for 4-5 hundred?

a pair as in 2 k5’s? Doubt it. If you mean just one K5, I still doubt it, although deals pop up all the time. I know where one is for around 650

paul , it’s john. you maybe can get a k3 for the money 4-500.00 but doubtful on the k5’s. saw a set of k5 on ebay for 650.00 were nice & they got scooped up in about 15 minutes. good luck in your hunt. oh welcome aboard !:smiley:

welcome to the board… yea dont get into the real train horn honking if u expect it to be cheap…lol but if u find a deal like that on a k5la u better scoop it up no matter what!

Be prepared to spend at least $600 just for the horns. I bought my K5la’s on ebay for $650 postage paid; But completely restored them for about another $20…for paint and paint stripper. I was lucky with this set as all of the diaphragms and cushions were in good shape. i’ve bought a set of K5H’s and almost all the diaphragms were cracked or blown. Don’t forget all the other stuff you’ll need to chime the puppies…Air tank, compressor, hose, etc.etc. Get the biggest air tank you can fit in your application. I started with a 3gal.,then two 3gal., and finally to 8gal. wish I had bought the bigger tank to begin with…