pics brotha!!!

Any pictures…??

They are P5’s

yup p5’s low mount manifold

how much would be a good price for them?

in that condition? depends if they need to be rebuilt… $300-400 maybe if they are working…

Are you willing to sell, or just see what they are worth. Do you want to keep them, rebuild them?

looking to sell them
they do work

I’d say if they’re clean, probably 500 or so.

not just clean but sand blasted clean lol

what is the difference between the k5 and p5.

This is a k5.

Vid of k5.

These are glass beaded in perfect shape.

do your p5s have dual diaphragms…?

not to sure on the dual diaphragms?

A K5 is just like your K3 except it has 2 extra bells on it, a 3a or a 3 and a 5. There are many differences between the 2 but the most important ones would be that a K horn is usually a little louder and larger than a P horn.