K5LAR24 Help


I bought a K5LAR24 last month and my 5 bell sounds like a dying coyote, but the air compressor I used only has a max of 90psi and the hose is a 3/8in does any of that have an effect on the horn sound or is the bell just flat out shot?

Hmmmm dying coyote, huh?
Mine sounded like a whole flock of wounded geese on my shop compressor. lol
Get some real air pressure and volume before you do too much worrying.
Welcome to the forums & BTW there’s nothing wrong with taking off the backcap to check the diaphrams.

agreed ^

Remember, psi dosent mean much when it comes to a real train horn. Its the CFM you want.
If you run that horn with 3/8" airline, it is probably only 1/4" ID . Hook that 90 psi up to 1/2" OD or 5/8" OD airline (my setup and i love it) And you will hear that horn come alive!

Hook up that beast to 1/2" or 5/8" airline. It needs way more volume to sound every bell properly.

I can sound every bell with as little as 60psi. Just need volume!!!

Welcome to the forum. Any 5 horn Airchime will consume a lot of air.

Thanks for the welcomes guys.

The guy at the hardware store said when I bought the valve that I wouldnt get much volume. Ill try and find a 1/2 in hose and see if thats any better.

This will sound a little strange but go to Tractor Supply Company and they have 3/8ths 1/2 inch and 3/4ths Hydrolic hoses from 18 inches to over 5 feet. they are also rated over 3000 lbs. I use this setup with my scuba tank and a Nathan K5LA that I pieced together of leftover horns, it has two 1L’s two 2’s and a 4. Now all I really need is an adapter that is male 7/8 inch bolt threaded to a 1/2 air hose thread. does anyone know where I can get one of those? been looking for over a year.

Since you’re talking about hydraulic & scuba etc, are you sure you’re not looking for a JIC fitting? As in a 37 or 45 degree flare fitting… I think a -10 JIC is a 7/8-14 thread.

And “1/2 air hose thread”:confused::confused: Is that 1/2" NPT? male or female?

The 1/2 inch is standard pipe thread. Where could I find a 10 JIC? the 1/2 inch could be either male or female that is the easiest to get. I believe it would have to be male being the 7/8 bolt is almost the same size. in fact the 1/2 inch will loosely catch the 7/8 bolt threads.

See if this is what you’re talking about…
Mcmaster.com part # 50695K269
That one is steel and 37 degrees.
You can get male / female / straight / elbow / 37 or 45 degree / steel / brass / stainless…
You name it.