K5's in UK

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has these bad boys in blighty? Just curious is all :slight_smile:

Hey Speedy
My 1980s widefont K5la kit should be at my door in approx 8days time :D:D:D:D:D
I put the same question in the wheres all the uk blasters gone thread i think and stinky pete replied that there was approx only a hand full over here

Ohhh nice! Will be taking my bumper off the weekend to see the only space i can put them is big enough :slight_smile:

Where abouts in the UK are you? I’m really looking forward to the tunnel run thing if it gets off the ground!

Mate i hope there was enough space behind the bumper but i suspect not:confused::confused:

Im down in swindon just off the M4
I also hope the tunnel run comes off the only thing is i havent got a car/truck to put them on only me motorhome which i wont be driving to london however tempting
But i will travel up in the z28 for the crack
Hey i could put me dixie horn + cow/sheep/dog/cat/cockerel horn on and play in the junior league :D:D

Not had chance yet, ended up helping a mate out with his car instead lol! Will get round to it soon, but chatting with other owners, im 95% it won’t fit but need to take bumper off anyway to put new mustang badge on and new mesh :slight_smile:

Ah Swindon way, cool not far to get to the big smoke then. Motorhome would be great, can do a roaring trade afterwards 50p for tea and coffees lol! Undertsandable though, hate drivingt my artic in London :frowning:

Dixie and animal horns a must if you come in that mate, HONK HONK…meow

HONK HONK…Mooooo !!!
HaaHaa yeah i might well do that
I did stop an think for a split second about teas n coffes then remembered the fuel bill to get there n back not good as it has a triton v10 motor :eek:
Would have to sell a major amount of the stuff
So back to the minor league with the z28:)

Have the k5’s been put to bed 100% yet or is there still hope for your motor ???

That sounds like a right laugh! And someone has to video that for poops and giggles :smiley:

A v10? Wow not run of the mill Fiat Ducato camper then by the sounds of it :wink: k5’s have been put to bed i’m afraid, just no room at all. Which when i first was looking at horns was disheartened as no where to fit.

Sadly the only way i’ll have them is if i end up finally getting my classic lorry or range rover to go off roading. The rangy is more viable, but i’ve started on flat saving mode now. Untill something totally ridicoulus comes along :wink:

Good name that, Stu :wink:

Stu Its Stu Stu Stu
Is yours spelt the common way or the posh way :smiley:
I read a uk region post when stinypete wrote good to meet you at the weekend stu and i remember thinking no you didnt:confused:
Till i looked at what it was about ordering a tank etc had me goin for a bit
As ive never seen another stu on me forums

As for me i think im an american. Born and trapped in the uk
So yep no fiat.peugeot.vw campers for me an defo no caravans unless its a airstream and a damm Shinny one:D

Sorry to hear they wont fit on yer motor
I totally understand the flat out saving tho as i have been doing the same to buy my k5’s etc i even sold my offroader to help fund this latest project

Might get another next winter see how things go :slight_smile:


Ah the proper way sir, not the surname way :wink:

Lol! Yeah was good to meet Pete and get my tank etc… eee gods 7.5 gallons of air now and the full to empty is amazing :smiley: Aye one day i will get around to visiting the states, and most definatly the south. Neighbours son lives in Alabama and when he talks about living there makes me want to go even more. That and close friend is from Austin, Texas and i still question why she’s here heh!

You sold that to get your K5’s? Man thats dedication, looks a sweet Disco that bud! When i was looking off roading, quite fancied a P38 rangy but there is hardly anything for those which is sad. It’s all for the classic one which i’d love to off road, but they are becoming rarer now and i like them in normal road form too :slight_smile:

Get another and put the horns on the roof. If you get stuck just keep honking till someone comes to rescue you :smiley:

Me too bud i’ll get there one day

Ive seen a p38 rangy on ebay latley its the only one ive seen tricked up to go offroadin looks good too but wants quite a bit for it
If i get another offroad toy at the mo im thinking jeep cherokee or gran cherokee
Defo get one thats already prepped for offroadin rather than buy an onroad one then put all mods on it let the previous owner spend thousands on making it an offroader then buy it for nowhere near what it cost them to buy n do up ;):slight_smile:

If i do get another i will defo be puttin at least some shockers on it:D:D

I still say your barking mad to have K5’s lol my K3’s were soooooo loud, too loud!
For those who have not seen it heres my old K3’s.

Stu & Stu! :smiley:

I know StinkyP all my mates n family think im mental to actually buy the K5 set up cost wise then even more mental to pay the shipping/import/duty to get it here!!! but i just cant let it go I need it in my life :smiley:

Speedy just had a thought you still may get K5s on yer Mustang powered MG theres a company on the net that does them without the std manifold making them into separates so poss to put 3 at the back and 2 behind front bumper ???

Hey StinkyPete
Hows the 2013 tunnel run gathering coming on?
In yer k3 vid above which is cool watched quite a few times was it a jap gathering

Yeahhhhhh It was an all Jap Event (for charity).

I’m Still working on the 2013 Hornblasting tunnel run, It’s just about getting the timing right & then finding out from everyone over here if they would come?

Watch this space!!

I wanna go :frowning:

Speak to Mr Heller & see if he will give you the day off! loooool:p

p.s (sneak out a set of K5’s on your way out please):wink:

Guys Its time to add me to the UK K5 owners club :smiley:
All those months of saving etc has paid off :):):slight_smile:

Now just got to find some time to get it all fitted
Cheers Stu

HORN PORN!!!:smiley: Nice one squirrel:D

Cheers bud
Cant wait to get it all on an sorted then to hear those babys sing !!!

Finally pulled the trigger!