K5's pointed forward or down??

So I finally got everything ready. K5la’s are blasted and painted, just got the Dual Viair 480’s and 12 gallon tank in the mail. Gonna start installing everything and just need to figure which way I want the horns to point. I’ve heard straight down is good but I dont see anyone with K5’s pointing down, just forward or back. Does anyone know of someone or have audio of some k5’s pointed down. Thinkin that’s the way i’m gonna point them to keep the crap out and so the sounds bounces off the ground and goes in every direction. I’m gonna guess alot of people mount them pointed forward or back mostly so they are tucked way up outta site. Maybe I’ll just mount them pointing down and take some pics so everyone will have any idea what it looks like and if it sticks out too much. If I dont like it I’ll just point them forward. I drive a 2000 F250 with a 4" lift and 35’s and it will be mounted in the spare tire area. What do you guys thinks?

It’s not going to make a difference what way they point. Maybe from a distance, but not up close.

Its going to be loud regardless

Doesnt matter.

Mine face downward through a hole in the bottom of my toolbox in the bed of my truck…and they are still LOUD!

down will be louder all around the truck, up close. forward will be more directional, louder in front of the truck. can’t go wrong either way. I’m just not a fan of backwards nor to the side…

Yeah LOL I know it don’t matter which way you point these horns. I tested mine in the shop at work with a blow valve and about sh*t myself. And that was only at like 110 or so psi. Cant imagine what 175 or 200 sounds like. Can’t wait. Got all my brass fittings and airline today so tonight I’m gonna start making mounting brackets and gettin 'er hooked up.

Pics pics pics

Not good actually… They lose their “musical” tone.

loudness = distortion