set of k5’s

red white and blue like in the pics

sellin them already??!?!


hey johnny , how much you asking for them?? :cool:

Why would you wanna sell those bad boys man? Dont take a wizz on the greatest train horn ever to be made :frowning:

sell truck and im puttin this on my 06 dura max… and with my stacks and everything i only have room for one set…

johnny, what do you want for your k5’s?

not to sure yet… i have to think about it…

why would u even make a post yet if u havent came up with a price? lol
give me a price when u get it in ur head

johnny have friend in CT. he asked me to give you his e-mail addy about the k5’s you want to sell. paul is his name and his ady is KAC1023@aol.com send him a price maybe he’ll bite:D john