K6LA in a Corolla, Impossible you say??

Nope, just very very cramped. So happy with the outcome!

More pictures in my album. SO FREAKING HAPPY with the result! Videos to come soon!

The world’s only Corolla with a K6A, 20 gallons, and an Oasis!

I cant wait to at least get some K3’s real soon here :smiley: and a small Honda to put them on :smiley: Nice work! :wink:

That’s Hornporn!
Six nice big holes in the boot/trunk:D
Nice one!! :smiley:

Tiernan and i must meet up with you soon. Can’t wait to hear it

Long time no see honduhh.

its been a while indeed…

Good stuff…can’t wait to check out video.

all us Californian’s need to have a meet up and some horn offs. :smiley:


What did u need to do to run an oasis I mean like second battery or a new alternator or both?

The depends on how long the compressor needs to run. A really good AGM type battery will help as long as it isn’t an “Optima” (they will die in less than a year). The current draw is similar to a starter but it only runs for seconds and the compressor could run for minutes. Our compressors take only 55 seconds to fill 5 gallons to 150 PSI.

it sounds like you will go through a lot of alternators and you dont see many 200amp ones. I would have half way considered one but #1. cost way to much #2 i didnt want to add another battery and i cant find an alternator that big

I was trying to explain that most of the power comes from your battery and it’s done in short busrts. The alternator only needs enought time to recgarge it which should be fine unless you blow the horns every 5 minutes.

fantastic setup! any videos?