Kahlenberg D3

well got the Kahlenberg d3 from jeepk3dan already in the works of repainting so hopefully it will be installed by this weekend… =)

no more shockers =(

Yay, did you give it a honk yet?

haha-I have more horns then you. lol jp man, badass

quick vid of it? before and after install pics also…what u goona do with the shockers

shockers are gone to jeepk3dan

will have better pics and video soon

looks great man

Damn that looks sick hahha. Cant wait to see a vid. Glad they have a good home.

alright…lets hear it. louder then the shockers? I can’t see it having the fear factor though lol

How do you like your kahlenberg d3

i have one myself. But need new diaphragms to get them tuned…know anywhere where i can order some…kahlenberg dosent have any right know

Thats nice…is the horn like “crumpled” at the end?

no… i straightened it out the best i could… dont really matter to me cant see it anyway lol it still works

Very true

you should paint the back caps flesh colored… that would be great. then it really would look like your truck had some balls

How do you figure that? It IS a ship horn…

it’s a LOT lower pitched and mellow sounding…I really want to hear one in person. I know they’re loud. Also know it’s a definite WTF shock though:cool: Just some pitches and notes aren’t that shocking to peoples ears


yeah the lower tone isn’t as shocking but it does scare and is a lot louder than the shockers the video still doesn’t do it justice

Sounds good… you need new brakes lol

they have sounded like that since they were new was gonna do something about it this weekend but its raining so screw that

may be the dust plate. the thing behind the rotor, it may be rubbing. that was the problem with mine, just bend it back