Kid vs Table

what a retard


he needs to gain 50lbs before he tries that again.

lol ya looks like u tryin to do it! lmao

oh I would love to gain 30 lbs of muscle. haha me being 6’ 4" I can eat whatever I want and not look like I gain any weight

im 6’2 and im at 195-200

lol i wish i was that much 160 right here.

daaamn twist thats skinny

haha I have an extremely fast metabolism

drink alot of beer! ull gain weight…lol

he needs alot of mcdonalds

haha. no joke for thanksgiving dinner I weighted myself before and after. I gained like 7 or 8 lbs. Woke up the next morning without going to the bathroom or anything and weighed myself. Back to my regular weight haha. Im stuck here… I have started lifting harder this past semester and have started to see a little improvement. Its just hard trying to get big when you have no fat to loose.

lol i wish i had a fast metabolism! 5’11 210 here!

lol well I beat twist. 130-135 (it changes) and I’m 6 foot. I have a REALLY fast metabolism

yea we are in the same boat hondaguy

drink a 6pack before u go to sleep…lol

haha I would spend all my money on booze… :smiley:

im 6’2 200 on the dot

my goal for 2009 year is to get up to 175 or above. haha