Kilby bracket on an 01 Cummins Help

Anybody have experience with the kilby bracket on a 98-02 Cummins, I ordered one last week and it doesn’t fit. The bracket is supposed to be an exact fit for this year and model, I have an aftermarket DC Power Engineering alternator, Maybe that’s screwing up the fit? It’s about a 1/4" off or so from what i can tell by looking at it.

I would call up Kilby and ask…But my experience isn’t good with them to begin with so not sure how much you will get out of them.

They also charge people out the oven for shipping…

That was the first thing i did. They were useless. It turns ou the aftermarket high amp alternator i was using for my Oasis is too big. So i need to put a stock alternator on to get it to fit.

Your stock alternator may be sufficient if you give it enough time to recharge the battery.