Kit for a 05 Tacoma

Looking for a kit for a 05 Tacoma.

I know the tank size will be an issue, of where i’m gonna mount it at.

Not looking for a ultimate or huge setup, something in the lower-middle class setup. Nothing fancy…


Keep couple things in mind…if u want DECENT air horns go with the shocker kit. 150 psi is alright, but for the poop go with the 200psi kit. and u have a bed, mount the tank in ur bed tahts no problem…

where are u located…


Well the tank will be visible, i have no camper for my truck.

Unless i have to do something, fancy, and mount the tank underneath the truck.

I’m from hawaii.

mount the tank and comp where the spare tire is,or make some brackets and mount them along side the frame rails.

I did see some smaller tanks, where they was mounting it in a side compartment of the truck bed.

u dont want to go to small or ull have no honk time… i had the 2.5 gallon and went to the 5 gal ITS soo much better

DEFF , from a tacoma owner to a tacoma owner. the shocker kit is a good kit cause you can put the seperate horns wherever. the tank like mentioned is best to be 5 gal size for any longer blasts. you may want to consider a tonneau cover to hide the tank and pump in the bed or take your chances with theft. the spare tire well could be used for the tank but depending on the age of your tacoma when the spare is not in the truck you will be looking at the tpms light glow all day and night, not to mention where does the spare go??, in the bed or run without one.but plenty of good places to put the horns,like up & behind the rear leafsprings (empty pocket) space both sides, the frame rails. I have a lowered Xrunner with a 19 gallon tank 2 viair pumps mounted in the bed but I have a topper. the K5 horn is mounted in the spare tire well and I run with no spare. :smiley:
to help you choose which horn kit to buy

Thanks for all the info!

I do not want to take out the spare tire, i drive like 45 min to work, back n forth. I wouldn’t want to take it out.

Also mounting the tank in the bed, could be an idea. But it would be visible.

Is there any other places to mount it? If i was gonna get a small tank, i was gonna try place it it under the side compartments of the truck bed. By the wheel well, rear end. And i know there is some space, under the engine, passenger side. I have a custom intake, so it gives more room. Not like other intakes, use the existing hole, where the air comes in the engine bay…

I’d recommend this kit in the least. The Shocker kits are the best and this is a great setup with a very fast compressor and small tank since you’re concerned about space. The tank is 17" x 6", so you should be able to find a spot and the compressor won’t be any trouble.