Kit Upgrades

I’ve decided to purchase a Shocker kit for my small car. Questions for anyone who might know the answers…

Once I get the kit, is it possible to upgrade the compressor? Let’s say I have a 145 psi compressor, can I “bolt” on a 150 or bigger to a smaller tank?

What other upgrades are available?

Thanks for the help!

you should be able to. but you would also have to upgrade the pressure switch and the next question would be the specs for the tank you have weither it can handle the extra PSI if your going to want to upgrade it later it would be better to just save up the little extra $ and get the kit you want than to spend a lot more to upgrade everything later

If you were to buy the Shocker Kit from
And you wanted to upgrade your psi. You would have to buy new compressors to handle whatever psi you were trying to upgrade too… And the tank that comes with the Shocker kit will hold 200psi…

would the 2 gal. tank hold that much psi? and if It would and I did that to mine would the horns have a different pitch?

yes the 2gallon tank will hold that much psi… and yes ur horns will screech… The tone will change big time and it wont sound the same… But thats up to u

what about 175 or something less than 200?

175 will change it a little big… wouldnt be too bad… i think u can do fine with 175…
but if i were u…i would first change the airlines and valves to 1/2 inch… that makes a difference too… see if u like that, then if not satisfied, go 175

lol ill upgrade the airlines, and the valve then ill run out of air in like 3 sec and have to upgrade tanks and compressors. lol its never ending

LOL exactly… thats why I went all out almost on my k5la… i just need an EDC and im set…

yea except im a broke college student. lol

lol… that sucks…

ill just have to wait till I get a real job out of college. haha

yeeah right…lol
good luck…
what ru studyin in college?

mechanical engineering

OOo something good… When u start ur business, give me a high payin job! lol

lol I will try

When you say that more PSI will change the sound, what do you mean. Are we talking from a lower octave to higher? If in fact one wanted more PSI yet have the same or similar sound, you’d also replace the horns as well right?

I noticed you were talking about airlines and valves. Is that something you would change BEFORE buying a new compressor?

With a bigger compressor I would imagine you could fill the tank faster, correct? That’s REALLY what I’m going for.

The compressor is what fills the tank. So a better compressor would fill the tank faster. The valve is how fast it lets the air escape the tank. however if you change the psi to higher it will change the pitch the horns make. i dont know what octave level (lower or higher) but it will change the tone of the horns if the change is significant. and a bigger airline will make more air go to the horns faster and thus make your tank empty quicker. correct me if im wrong.

Yes, give the horns more psi will make it higher…
To acheive the perfect sound, you should always blast around 150 psi… Giving more psi to any horn will always change the sound.

Changing airlines and valves will only get more air to the horns faster, in which making them sound a little bit louder… You do not have to change those before you buy a new compressor.
If you want a bigger compressor to fill your tank faster, then sure just buy a bigger compressor… I suggest you buy a bigger tank as well… And then use both compressors

you can use two different compressors on the same tank?



Looking at it…

Dual 400c or a single 500c? I’m thinking dual 400c. Thoughts?