Kiwi's are here now

Hi all,

Just thought i’d post this to see if any other Kiwi’s are hiding here, or even an Aussie or two. I’m in the process of fitting up a set of HB horns to my custom CF Bedford van and would be keen to see how many (if any) other horny people are down here in the south pacific. :D:D


welcome to the forums… Nice looking van… I’m a huge fan of vans have had 2 myself and loved them… shouldnt be hard at all to fit horns underneath that thing

Welcome to the forums!

LOL…I had to look at this post to see who was looking for riders in Antarctica

UMM… no one ever said antartica?


Antartica is part of the Topic “Oceania & Antarctica”

Welcome to the forum dude from the Wet & windy & freezing bloody cold UK!!! :slight_smile:

Welcome to forums. I like the van, it looks like the A-Team van meets the Wraith.

Boy I am showing my age with these references.

Hey you never know… maybe someone wants a kit to warn the penguins :wink: … I just didn’t want to leave anyone out

Good one Tiernan…lol.

Actually Antarctica would be a good place for an on board air compressor.





those acronyms are unfamiliar, were you under the influence when you posted them…LOL

The love of my life is Kiwi… :frowning: We’re friends now but i still miss her. :slight_smile: haha

At 111 years old, how long ago were those pictures taken and how did they convert some of them to color…LOL?

YAY Aussie Aussie Aussie

Baaa Baaa Baaa!

Welcome. I thought the next line was supposed to be oy oy oy…lol

nah its ‘Baaaa Baaaa Baaaaa’ because the thread starter is kiwi :smiley:

jokes hahahaha :cool: