Kleinn Air Horn GM1500-734 Kit 2017 Silverado 1500

I was selected to be a Test Team member for Kleinn Air Horns… To test out their new 100% bolt-on GM1500-734 kit, which comes with their 730 Demon horns. I also opted to get the upgraded solenoid kit and a remote control. The install was fairly easy, and the instructions were easy to follow. There was no cutting or drilling, and the kit comes with everything you need! I personally only had to make a few of my own modifications because I got the upgraded solenoid kit. This kit provides you with two additional solenoids, so you have a solenoid for all three trumpets, instead of having the airlines teeing off a single solenoid. This also makes it so you have a larger airline going to the trumpets, with air constantly right at the trumpet ready to go! Another bonus to this kit is that it also includes an air connection for onboard air!
I absolutely love the setup that Kleinn has provided. I have a 2017 Silverado 1500 Z71, with an 11" lift on 37" tires, and this kit bolts up perfectly to the front of the frame, just behind the front bumper. I didn’t have to remove anything!! However, I did remove the lower valence from my bumper, but long before I got this kit. That being said, you can see the bottom of the horn/air tank bracket… However, it is a solid bracket, so it actually looks like part of the truck!! It’s a very clean look on the truck, and would not even be seen if I still had the lower valance. However, I actually like how it looks hanging down.
I deviated from the instructions a little bit by not running any wiring inside the truck. I wired up a ON/OFF switch to the compressor, located on bracket, which I pretty much leave on at all times unless I’m not driving the truck for a couple days. My system DOES NOT leak, so I really don’t have to worry about the compressor turning on unless I use the horns. I also did this because I wanted to have power going to the compressor even when the truck wasn’t running. And, I only connected my solenoids/horns to the extra remote control that I purchased. One, I did not want to run wires inside the truck and have to drill a hole for the switch. And two, I didn’t want these horns connected to my stock horn, thus causing it to go off with the alarm/ when locking the doors! This remote, as far as I’ve tested, works well over one hundred yards away!! I was blowing the horns at the truck show from the opposite end of the parking lot with no problem!!
As for the sound… These things are incredibly loud!!! My horns WERE THE LOUDEST SET at the last truck show, Truck Jam 2K18!!! I even had people, including vendors who go to multiple shows a year, tell me that mine “Were the loudest they’ve ever heard!”!! I have also tested these up against real trains and a fire truck siren, and these horns with the upgraded kit put them all to shame!! The tone of these are VERY similar to the real trains I’ve tested them against, only LOUDER! I’m very happy with the Kleinn Air Horn GM1500-734 train horn kit and would definitely recommend it to others looking for a LOUD set of horns!!

CHECK OUT HOW THEY SOUND HERE: https://www.facebook.com/Z71RidinHigh/videos/2168108020079889/

CHECK THEM OUT: https://kleinn.com/
They make direct bolt-on kits for all different types of vehicles, and their horns are LOUD!!!