Kleinn Jeep Wrangler

Ok, so this is my second install of train horns but the last one was a year ago and I’ve forgotten everything. Last set was horn blasters with a pressure switch with 4 wires and a toggle switch to pick which horn.

The kleinn’s in the jeep is supposed to be easier but I’m struggling. I’m wanting to do a horn button and not the stock jeep horn on the wheel. I’ve got a relay on this one and that is new to me. Two wires from the pressure switch this time. Anyone have a simple wiring diagram to help me out as I’ve got it all installed but I keep burning the fuse as I’ve got it set up wrong. Thanks in advance. Tom

Don’t know this will help. The diagram shows a manual air valve.

Horn button is just another solenoid.

To be honest, I’m running the manual valve and it’s fantastic … pull a little and it’s still loud, but not head splitting. Full pull means someone has royally screwed up and is now paying for it.