Just got a set of these for a gift…

The big kit…“630” i think, with the upgraded selnoids and line kit.

Wondering what anyone thinks of these.
Loud, weak-sauce or what?
Are there louder?

ummm… LOL… good luck!

fat dog, welcome aboard & yes there is … much louder! they call them NATHAN K3 & K5 train horns. big outlay big sound and worth every penny believe us the guys with em. no substitute for the best!:smiley:

i’ll have to agree with rigo on this one… sorry

damn…so what to do with these?
Can i just add some of the horns you are talking about to these
that i have

i have 2 mack-daddy compressors and a small tank. If i add a huge
tank and the horns that you have mentioned, that should be legit right?

so where do these fall ona scale of 1 to 10?

i’ve had similar not the same brand i would say a 4-5 compared to the hornblasters shockers at a 8-9 then the nathans at a 10 =)

Hornblasters has a new offer:

If you bought any competitors horns, go ahead and return them to where you got them, whatever their re-stocking fee, or shipping, or whatever it is, Hornblasters will give you credit on your purchase of a hornblasters horn package …
So, as an example, if you buy a $300 horn from Brand X, and they charge you 15% restocking fee, and $20 for shipping, simply provide hornblasters a copy of your invoice and bill from the other company along with proof of return via fax, email, or postal mail, and we’ll give you the money off your purchase of a Hornblasters Horn kit… Example, the $300 Horn kit from “WackAssTrainHorns.com” would charge you a restocking fee of say 15%, which would be $45, plus the $20 for original shipping, would get you $65 off of a Hornblasters Kit.
We want you to be happy with your Train Horn, and we dont’ want you feeling Trapped into buying anything from anyone else. And we surely don’t want you to feel the embarresment when one of your friends gets a Hornblaster and you’re feeling sad you chose anything else…
Please call for further details. We’re here for you!

Matt is the man^^^^^^^^

now thats a awesome deal…
hornblasters is by far greatest companys around

I looked at all the other sites myself and always seemed to came back to HornBlasters.com. These guys are the best when it comes to train horns, and all the help I got in the forums was great. I have the S4’s and they are awesome, and once my divorce is final I will be working toward the K5’s.

damn i wish i did that… lol

Why not get one before the divorce to make her shut up haha :).

after the divorce go scare her donkey every nite while shes tryin to sleep…lol

Haha that should do the trick.

lol i bet he would get raped money wise too…

I must be from the far North, Cause I sure as hell have no clue what that was supposed to mean…

Oh well, just like everything else, Horns. generics then Nathans, I’m learning slowly.