Last Blast for the year!

So our local fire dept. does a tradition here every year. They go around the town with firetrucks and a old fashioned firetruck with santa and smoky the bear on back and hand out anise cookies and candy canes…
So this year i was prepared. They usually make a ton of noise to get kids to come out as you will see in video.

This will be my last blast of the year! picking up my new truck next week… more to come…

So is that your fairwell honk for this truck?

awaits new install

aw! You should blast it on new years!

New Years Eve is one of the few times that police might look the other way regarding air horns.

Haha my trucks been parked for about a month now, i would love to do a new years honk. :smiley:

Cant wait to see new truck and install pics.

Hah good video. We have that near where I live too, Santa on the antique fire truck, it’s a canned food drive.
I have lots of video footage of honkage (including firetrucks playing along), me leading the parade and being pulled over, I think 3 or 4 times now. No tickets tho.
I’m a bit more grown up now, probably won’t do it again. Someday I’ll sort it out and post it