Last minute XD4000 questions before I buy

Alright Dan, you’ve just about sold me on an Oasis XD4000 for my K6LA. Just a few more questions. Reading up on it, I keep seeing that it needs to be in a well ventilated area, and that it can get pretty hot. How will it do if it is all the way in the far back of my car trunk (Toyota Corolla)? Its not ventilated as far as i can tell, and if it is against the far wall of the trunk, and then with the air tank in front of it, I don’t know if that gives it a lot of breathing room? Any ideas?

Oh, and on top of that, with my cars specs, would you recommend 12 or 24v, and which is the one that HornBlasters provide?

And to top it all off, the “Oasis Adjustable Pressure Switch” I take it would be a good choice for a pressure switch?

Heat was addressed in your other post.

Match the compressor voltage with that of the vehicle to avoid switching batteries from parallel to series during charging and operating.

Our compressor’s control wire is based on its connection to ground so any 2 wire pressure switch work. Our pressure switch has an adjustable shutoff from 100 to 200 psi with a fixed differntial around 50 psi and they come set to shutoff around 150 psi.


Dan, thank you for all your help! Looks amazing!

Let us know what you think about its performance.

There’s no room in that boot/trunk to store a body!:smiley:

Oh crap you’re right!

Dan, as far as the sightglass, what should I be looking for when it is time to fill it up again? Do you have any pictures of what it would look like?

You want to see a line of oil near the top of the sight glass. When it gets near the bottom then it’s time to add 2 ounces.

If it has a cork ball inside make sure it moves freely or the level might be difficult to determine.

Wow nice combination. I am sure you will love the X4000, my X3000 has been trouble free for many years now and it gets plenty of use. One thing I love about this compressor is that it shuts off if the voltage is too low thereby protecting my alternator which was burned before using my other compressors.

Very nice installation.

Is it possible to see the oil level cork?

All all four of the mounting screws used to hold the compressor?

How much of the sound gets out of the trunk / out of the car? Isn’t it god awful loud in the car?

When I did my Oasis XD3000 installation in my boat I also needed to add a small plywood panel. For my installation I first used marine epoxy on areas where structural filling was required, followed by barrier coat epoxy paint, to seal the fiberglass and plywood.

It would not hurt to seal that plywood w/ epoxy paint.

BTW, nice choice using the right angle fitting off the compressor head for the air outlet.

I had the exact same thought. I hope (for the occupants’ sakes) that holes have been cut and booted/sealed to allow the ends of the bells to exit the vehicle … and that this simply isn’t apparent in the photos.