latest DVD

thursday I got rained out of work so I went and purchased “WANTED” with my sweety ANGELINA JOLIE, what a baddazz movie! the plot was a trip at the end of the flic.If you haven’t seen it get it you won’t be disappointed! :smiley: three thumbs up!! :cool:

yea I agree, well worth watching

U hear theres gonna be a sequeal… and AJ is gonna be in it

Only worth watching cause of angelina jolie

Got another DVD review: 88 minutes w/ al pachino had it for months just played it. what a trip of a story line and definately a confusing who dun it ending, but as all pachino flix well worth the view. :smiley:

Watch a movie called …rails and ties…pretty good flick…lots of horn scenes

uhhhh k

step brothers ftmfw

iron man ftw