Ok so basically my tank has been slowly leaking for about 7 months now. I’ve been meaning to fix it, I just haven’t had time with work or school to fix it. So finally I got some time and used soapy water to try and find the leak. After spraying each fitting and exposed hose, there were no air bubbles. I figured it had to be the hose that ran from the tank to the gauge since its the only place I couldn’t spray. I replaced the hose and refilled my tank only to find out, that it still leaks!!! Could I have a faulty check valve? Solenoid? Any suggestions people? It’s killing me!! Thanks for your time guys.

Yup… Could be any of the above. I’d try the check valve before the solenoid purely because it’s cheaper to swap out and they’re more commonly known to fail. How fast is the leak anyway?

Every system will loose pressure with temperature change. My setup is fairly leak free within 5 psi , but over night if it was 60 degrees during day and drops down 20 or so degrees the tank will loose 10-15psi or more depending on how cold it is.
Also the cold will find the leaks better than soapy water… do u have teflon tape or loctite 545? I only use the 545 now after i had to many leaks with tape.

Well I would fill it up to around 160psi and overnight it would drain to around 20-0psi… Do you know where there’s a cheaper place to get check valves? I wanna stick to the steel braided line from viair. Or equivalent steel braided line.

I’ve had Teflon tape on all my fitting from the beginning. But I should go through all my fittings with Teflon 545 tho.

loctite was a life saver… but the thing i hated is having to let it dry. it always took about 3 or more days. i happen to come upon this tape at home depot, its the yellow gas line tape, and i kid you not it never leaks. The white tape never worked for me…So as long as you apply the tape in the right direction you can air up the same day.

also i live in Arizona, winter here is much below the 40’s at night, and gets hot again during the day.

That’s how it is here in central California. We have like 70-80 degree days and 40 or lower degree nights.

That’s a pretty quick leak. Certainly more than what can be attributed to temperature related pressure drop. If you have a spare tank plug (i.e. for the line leading to your solenoid), I’d disconnect that line and seal it there right at the tank, then pressure it up and keep another watch on it overnight.

If it’s still leaking like that and you’ve thoroughly checked all of your other fittings (i.e. pressure sw. & relief valve), then it’s bound to be the inlet line (i.e. compressor / check valve).

Seriously I do not know why I did not think of that. I also have an quick connect fitting hooked up for airing up tires too. I should plug that as well. Thank you guys a lot for the information. Saving me a lot of headaches ha

Another thing about the pressure decrease with temperature drop is that the pressure builds back up with temperature rise. (assuming no leaks)

Your tank is basically being drained though. But yeah, check anything that’s under pressure.

Thanks a lot. I need to just go through everything with loctite 545 and start completely from the beginning.

Fair enough… just keep in mind, if you can’t see any bubbles under soap solutions, then it’s unlikely the Loctite will help either. I’d only use the Loctite as an option if you know for sure that the threads are where the leak is.

That is also a good point.

Ive never let the loctite 545 dry before i fill it back up. The way i apply it is definately overkill tho. I start at the first thread, fill the majority or threads up, and tighen (usually over tightening … yea bad habit…) and pressure up immediately and check for leaks with soapy water in a spray bottle. This has not failed me yet and I have a ton of fittings between brass and steel, and the 2 sets of horns and 2 tanks / 2 compressors :eek: :smiley:

The one thing i noticed with the loctite 545 is if i tighten hard with all the threads full, It appears to create friction and heat and coagulates it. When i remove it right after the loctite turns to jelly like almost appears.

I’ll have to pick some of that up soon. I was driving today and for some reason my compressor won’t air up past 80 psi and its not leaking or anything now… Fml

That’s sounding more and more like a dud checkvalve.

Damn… Does anywhere know where to get the check valve and braided leader hose cheap?

You won’t need the leader. What compressor are you running?
If it’s a Viair, you can buy direct from them, but I’m sure there’s a ton of online options as well.

It’s. viair 350c or something close.