Leaking issue?

I recently got a vixen train horn for my jeep. Now air leak is out of the trumpets and they don’t shut off sometimes, would anyone know if that would be a wiring problem, hose problem or a connector problem. I need help

Not chastising you because of it, don’t take it as a flaming post. But you get what you pay for. This could have been a gift maybe, and you truly may not have too big of an issue. But one of these kits from a big box store isn’t going to hold a candle to a Hornblasters kit, whether its a complete kit or something you pieced together. You can more than likely upgrade some components with the plastic bells at least if you wanted…

Sounds like the valve is stuck open, you’ll have to determine whether its an electrical issue or mechanical. Is your polarity correct in your wiring to the valve? It is probably going to be easier to diagnose the valve with the system disconnected, so you can check the mechanical side of things.

It’s a valve issue.

It could be bad, it be an air direction issue (some valves are air flow direction dependent), you could have some gunk preventing it from closing, or it could be polarity.

But Rich it right; you get what you pay for … and any time I’ve called HB, I get what I need and get it quick. No BS, no problems, just good people giving me great service.

If you need more help, pictures help so make sure you post them.