Leaking solenoid valve

Newbie here, so feel free to move this if it is the wrong spot.

I just got a new compressor about a month ago and until last week I had trouble finding the leak. I finally took a look at the horns (4 horn Siege Engineering) and found a that air was leaking out of one horn. Seemed odd that it was leaking only out of one horn and not the others. So I opened up the valve and cleaned off most of the rust inside.

I put everything back together and it seemed like it worked. For some reason though, it seems like I only loose pressure at night. I fill the tank up all the way in the morning (145psi) then its at that same pressure by 8pm. By the next morning its at 60psi. And if I let it sit without refilling the tank, it will drop to 20 psi by the next day and will stay at 20 psi for a few more days.

Btw, im in SoCal where the weather is at about 80F during the day and about 45-50F at night.

Is there any warranty on Siege Engineering solenoid valves? And yes I checked for leaks everywhere else.


no the gmax valves on the hammer4s are crap, ive had 2 so far and wont have anymore… the valve is going to be replaced…

So whats a good low priced replacement?

try to get it warrantied or buy a real valve like smc or airlift, hornblasters sells them on there site

SMC 1/4in valve will work great and is priced at just $30. GMAX valves aren’t much more than your standard ‘China valve’ which tend to have problems.

SMC valves are extremely reliable and are used in many industries from air ride to factory pneumatic systems where any downtime really hurts business.

Thanks, is there any other discount code besides the 10% “FORUMS” code? I think I saw something about that when I first registered.

None publicly available but you may feel free to use that one when checking out with google checkout or over the phone.