led bar on my car...

so i add this today check it out…

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looks good but i like my ride clean cut and not any after market add ons. I want to blend in and not stand out. thats just me though

yeah i don’tlike this too much i think i will return it…

lol all you need is some big wheels and black out your windows

nice license plate


Dude, I have one of those…it’s cool !!!

I like those. But what I hate are those third brake lights that people put a strobe effect on so when they hit the breaks, the brake light flashes like 5 times. But those led bars are functional and may help keep you from getting rear ended.

I like it… It offers more visability to a holes that tailgate…

Ive had mine for about 2 years and still get compliments on it!

Mines the line of fire and ice… has white reverse light on it too…

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nice i think i will keep it for 29 days and then return it lol

ive had one for about a year. i recently got LED tail lights and a third brake light too. the back of my truck lights up like a christmas tree when i hit the brakes. if someone rear ends me they would have to be very blind

nice i got one those but i wired mine to were its just the runnin light.


if your referring to thebeast he means so they dont go brighter when you hit the brakes.

IMO those bars only look good if you have LED tails and an LED third brake light, otherwise its like putting on stick on fender vents on a car

yea most trucks dont look right with out led tail lights but i get alot of compliments on mine and my tailights ore blacked out.

there is no led tail light for my car yet and i have no idea how to make one like u did…

I agree with the stick on fender vents, but these do have a function and look good doing it… as for more LED light’s, yes…it takes time…

id like to put one under my trunk

that will be very nice and looks awesome